Production & Design

Our Work


In addition to our live show, SGL specializes in producing strange, beautiful and bizarre ambient circus attractions for large scale music festivals and productions. Our highly skilled team of per-formers, costume designers and makeup artists can take any theme or idea and work it into a magical reality. We create a story through our costume, design and SFX that breathes life into our characters, providing imaginative, visually charged performances.

We are the preferred ambient entertainment vendor for USC Events, producing live visual per-formance art and attractions for all of their marquee events including following examples:



SGL's world-class costume design and build teams create visually stunning, completely unique artisan costumes that bring our magnificent characters to life. Each costume is custom tailored using original designs to create a truly unique look and feel. Our process starts with full color artistic renderings that are transformed into diverse and dimensional live performance art. We approach every costume and character with a story in mind. Some examples of our work below:



We bring the "wow" factor to events through our proprietary interactive props. Our props team is comprised of genius artisans and craftsmen, specializing in everything from foam and metal fabrication to robotics engineering, creating truly evolutionary machines and props that add a playful element to our productions.

Special FX


SGL’s SFX team is second to none in creating proprietary next-level SFX. Our cutting edge team of mad scientists design and build SFX systems that are utilized across our entire plat-form, including costumes, props and musical production. We specialize in Pyrotechnics, LED lighting and atmospheric effects. We can custom design anything your imagination and budget will allow.



Super Geek League's marching band offers energetic, mobile live-music for all types of atmospheres and events. This group has the ability to compose original covers of any tune. Most recently, our marching band kicked off the "welcome parade" of major music festivals like Paradiso Festival and FreakNight festival, playing covers of popular EDM songs.