Live Show




An Interactive Action Adventure Musical Circus Show Like You've Never Seen!

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Live Show
Super Geek League's Musicians
Action Adventure Circus Performers
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Props & SFX

Live Show


An interactive musical party!

Super Geek League combines the up-close, personal experience of busking performers with a self-contained traveling circus.

We blur the lines between audience and performer to create a truly immersive experience.

You provide the space, and we do the rest!

Super Geek League's traveling live show consists of our own stage and interactive midway as a featured attraction at major music festivals.

This mind blowing interactive odyssey is a memorable social experience that truly engages the senses on every level.

Action Adventure Party Rockers


A 12-piece Cirque Du Punk Rock Orchestra.

Over 50 original energetic and celebratory songs.

The music is the foundation to which we build and enact our strange and bizarre world.

Prepare to be immersed in pure energy, passion, and insanity, as our musicians "busk" amongst the fans and other performers.

Super Action Adventure Circus Heroes


Resident performers including stilt walkers, fire performers, acrobats, dancers, spin artists, and many other specialty acts and magical oddities.

Original costumes and character designs.

Choreographed and spontaneous acts, coincide with music, on and off the stage, perpetuating a totally immersive style of entertainment!

Interactive Bizarre!


Expect the unexpected and prepare to leave all your inhibitions behind!

Pillow fight pit Plastic wrapping Flogging Audience surfing Spontaneous volleyball matches Trampolines Gyroscope rides Mermaid dunk tanks

Original Props & SFX


We create proprietary fun machines and engaging props for a truly magnificent and bizarre world to host our mind-blowing action adventure!

Interactive "Cervantes" Fire SFX Machine.

Remote controlled "Clownfetti" Robotic confetti canon.

Musically choreographed "Octa-Mind" LED lighting system