SGL to record 3rd album

After about 2 years of writing, performing and touring new material, SGL is finally going back in the studio to record their 3rd full length album which will be self-titled "Super Geek League" and will feature 10 bombastic new cuts including crowd favorite "Heres comes the Cops!" and "JJ Skewers".

EPISODE #51: The Kids are ALL right!

We are simply ecstatic to be performing in front of our EVERYONE ages fans in Seattle this Saturday before we launch our wickedly awesome SCi Fi Punk Circus Tour in June! With this in mind, we wanted to give everyone a bit of taste of what to expect from Friday nights Festivities

Start Time:
Friday, May 21, 2010 at 7:00pm
End Time:
Saturday, May 22, 2010 at 12:00am
Studio 7

West Coast Sci Fi Punk Circus Tour announced !

Super Geek League will be taking its Bombastic and awe-inspiring show of total and complete madness and mayhem on the road this June for a short but super tantalizing ROMP through Washington, Cali, Neveda and Oregon!

Epidsode 51: Where legends go to meander...

The Hard Rock Cafe is a legendary venue internationally renowned for its preservation and display of historical artifacts of Rock n Roll legends and performers. Now that the Hard Rock Cafe has finally opened in one of the most influential and historically relevant rock n' roll cities in the world, Super Geek League is horned to perform in front of its home town heroes in this monumental venue!

ATTN: G-Nome Army Be on lookout for PIG COPS

The Space Clown Robots and Mega superhero DIVAS of the mighty SGL rock machine have been busy chruning out more mind-erasing, chest thumping, awe-inspiring sonic bombardments as they ramp up for the next sonic recording effort scheduled to begin in Fall of 2010. These new tracks will be augmented by more frentetic and sping tingling acts and stunts to coincide with the bombastic scores.

Well...when you cant BEAT em up Join em!

So as you may or may not know of our sorted history, your fine SUperheroes of Sci-Fi Epic ROCK adventures Super GEek League were actually KICKED OFF the first show they performed in Boise Idaho for the 06 Vans Warped Tour. Apparently our antics and eccentricities were not well received by the "family oriented" rock event and its organizers.

G-Nome Dogstarver on top of Mount Baker...

There is a buzz about SGLs epic performance last night from Bham to Mt Baker. All day I heard “that was fucking amazing!” from random people on the mountain. (All were employees)
I’m sure tomorrow will bring more praise for the machine that is SGL.

Episode #50: Beyond Frontiers

Episode 50: Beyond Frontiers

New material for the GERD

Commander Tomorrow has been in exile in Sasquatch village inside a golden cage armed only with a Korg electric piano, midi controller, some reference speakers and a laptop composing new material for SGL's 3rd album tentatively titled "GERD and the astronomical thumpings and meanderings of delinquent GIANTS running amuck on 3 cables of fantasy and 2-handled family credenza...." This new material e

Exotic Erotic Ball in perspective by our own Sammy the Dwarf!

Perry Mann’s 30th Annual Exotic Erotic Ball Tour

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